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Our two-day courses

A course for all healthcare professionals involved in hospital redevelopment projects.

The next course is on the 24th to the 25th of April

The need for the course

As the end users of a healthcare facility patients, clinicians and managers have been key stakeholders in the hospital design process. However, a growing body of research has identified concerns with the understanding these stakeholders have of the design process, and the expectations placed on them during it.

Whilst they are frequently asked for extensive input into projects, they often do not have full knowledge of the process or understand some of the technical parameters that facilitate or constrain decision making. As such healthcare leaders are often unable to become fully engaged in the multidisciplinary design of clinical services and built environments, potentially compromising the quality of the final outcome.

What is the course?

The Healthcare Design Leadership course provides an immersive introduction to the whole project lifecycle, providing opportunities for hands on experience of the process and products developed at each stage. The course supports healthcare leaders by identifying the importance of involvement in the whole of the project process and supporting the operational effectiveness and quality of hospital design.

How often does the course run?
Healthcare Design Leadership is a two day residential course run twice yearly and bespoke courses can be arranged for individual project organisations.

Who should attend?

Anyone who may be involved in new healthcare development, regardless of role. Examples might include the following, but this is not intended as an exhaustive list:

  • Non-medical staff including executive management, hospital management, capital planning teams, estates teams, facilities management teams, information governance, finance specialists, purchasing teams,
  • Consultant level clinicians, hospital doctors, registrars, core training doctors and foundation doctors,
  • Nurses, nurse managers, department practitioners, healthcare assistants, department managers
  • Allied Health Professionals diagnostic radiographers, medical sonographers, medical technologist’s occupational therapists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, dietitians
  • Clinical support services, pharmacists, pathologists, sterile stores lead, mortuary technicians
  • Integrated Care System Partners
  • Independent healthcare & hospital charities
  • Social Care providers

Learning objectives

Learning objectives of the course are to enable healthcare leaders with an understanding of project processes to enable confidence to be gained and increased input to be achieved. At the end of the course, attendee’s should be able to:

Understand the project stages from reviewing need and identifying future requirements to occupation of a new building

Describe the design and construction process for new hospital developments

Explain the different stages where engagement is critical and where it is beneficial.

Understanding the role of transformation and changing working practices within a project.

Standard Course Agenda

The course will cover 7 topic areas, taking healthcare leaders through the full project lifecycle.

Day 1

The healthcare leaders role

The importance for healthcare leaders and clinicians to be involved in the project throughout the process. This section will also provide an overview of the case for a project, including an overview of the business case process.

Service transformation

This section will provide a review of current service trends when looking at clinical transformation.

Digital and technology

This section will outline the key considerations for digital, technology and equipment requirements. Looking at how and why these should be considered including new technology and future proofing.

Clinical brief

This section will provide an overview of the project brief, outline the key considerations and identify key elements to include in the brief including transformation and evidence based design to support the development of clinical pathways.

Hospital brief workshop

Delegates will work together to develop the key principles of a brief.

Day 2

Project Governance

A panel discussion will take place focusing on the key roles in a project governance structure and will provide an overview of the competing priorities of key stakeholders within a project.

The Design Process

This section will outline the design stages it will also highlight some of the technical sides to design which healthcare leaders will need to have an awareness of. It will also be an opportunity to consider adaptability and flexibility to consider future working.

Net zero carbon

This section will outline what is required to meet net zero carbon building requirements whilst ensuring a clinically functional hospital is achieved.


It will also highlight some of the key considerations and complexities of mechanical, electrical, public health and structures in healthcare buildings.


This section will outline the contractors perspective on hospital projects, the types of construction contract and how this might impact the governance in the project. It will also include an overview of modern methods of construction.

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