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Our bespoke course

Developed with you, according to the specific needs and timeline of an individual project.

About the course

Our bespoke course will be developed with you, according to the specific needs and timeline of an individual project. Generally, these are arranged over the space of one day and provide a general overview to project teams on the following topics;

  • The importance for NHS healthcare leaders to be involved in hospital development.
  • The project lifecycle
  • What tools can help to support clinical requirements and how does this relate to the project brief.
  • How the design process works, terminology which may be used and key drawings and processes.
  • What does sustainability mean for healthcare design?
  • What is the role of the development director and how does this link to clinical requirements?
  • The complexity of construction

How long is the course?
This course is usually a one day session.

Who should attend?

Anyone who may be involved in new healthcare development, regardless of role. Examples might include the following, but this is not intended as an exhaustive list:

  • Non-medical staff including executive management, hospital management, capital planning teams, estates teams, facilities management teams, information governance, finance specialists, purchasing teams,
  • Consultant level clinicians, hospital doctors, registrars, core training doctors and foundation doctors,
  • Nurses, nurse managers, department practitioners, healthcare assistants, department managers
  • Allied Health Professionals diagnostic radiographers, medical sonographers, medical technologist’s occupational therapists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, dietitians
  • Clinical support services, pharmacists, pathologists, sterile stores lead, mortuary technicians
  • Integrated Care System Partners
  • Independent healthcare & hospital charities
  • Social Care providers

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